Julie Falconi, CPSM, President

Julie is President of Gravity Marketing.

She is passionate about marketing, process and controls, and small business ownership. Julie works with clients in the professional services to empower them with the processes they need to become efficient and profitable. 


Julie began her career working for AECOM, where she was first exposed to the principles of disciplined marketing, and then for Reuters, where she fine-tuned her writing and copyediting skills. 


Naturally entrepreneurial, Julie took the principles she’d learned working for Fortune 100 companies and struck out to see if they could be applied to small businesses. She opened a photography studio in 2013 and within two years had turned it into a six-figure business using the principles of smart marketing she’d learned. 


After getting married, Julie decided to close her photography studio and return to her first love – professional services marketing -- and see if she could help other small business owners become more profitable using the same principles. 

When she's not marketing, Julie loves spending time with her husband and toddler, devouring celebrity gossip, or reading a good book. 

Mission + Values

Our mission is to empower companies with the tools they need to become efficient and profitable. ​

We believe the most elegant solutions are the simplest. ​

We believe in hard work.​

We believe in following data, not impulses.​

We believe in proactive marketing, not reactive marketing. ​

Our methods are innovative, but our values are old.  

Founded for the love of marketing and small businesses.

© 2020. JSF Marketing

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